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Month: November 2016

Traveling to Amber’s class

Very exciting! Going to Phoenix Day School for the Deaf in Arizona. Hopefully Smarta will arrive just in time for the SMART special ed Summit that Amber are going to. It is in Atlanta, Georgia.


Smarta visiting Science Center Spectrum

Smarta’s last trip in Germany was to the Science Center Spectrum in Berlin. It is the perfect place where you can try out so many different experiments. Smarta liked the visit very much. 
Here are some photos from Smarta. In the same building there were also an exhibition about the history of cars and computers. Here ist he link: Science Center Spectrum – Home
img_4239 img_4241 img_4243 img_4244 img_4246 img_4247 img_4248 img_4256 img_4258 img_4259 img_4261 img_4262 img_4264 img_4279

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