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Month: October 2016


Smarta’s highlight was to visit the Drachenfelsen („Dragon’s Rock) with the wonderful view.

Some legends say it is called Drachenfes because the famous Siegfried – hero of the Nibelungenlied – killed the dragon Fafnir. The dragon lived in a cave in the hill. Then Siegfried bathed in the blood to become invulnerable. That is origion of the name „Drachenfels“ („Dragon’s Rock“).

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At the end of September Smarta travelled to Königswinter near Cologne where she visited an very interesting teacher conference („Deutsches Lehrerforum“) in Germany. Just 80 teachers from all over Germany and different kinds of schools could join the conference. The teachers presented their schools and projects. The other were very fascinated about SMARTee – the Global colloboration project. They liked the idea that we are seven classes from five different countries working at the same content and collaborate with each other.

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Smarta loves the Oberlinschule in Potsdam because there are so many different places to relax. Smarta enjoyed her time on the schoolyard where she played different games

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Here is a video from her breakout

Our students have been working hard

They have collaborate to get the answeres to the crossword and the puzzles and now Smarta is free.

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