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A boy in the Swedish class sent Smarta a picture that he had made in SMARTamp. He wanted to make her happy!


The Swedish students are working

We need to free Smarta! Let´s start working.

img_9855img_9856 img_9858 img_9859

One of the students translated the words to her mother tongue, Albanian.

Our task is to solve some puzzles

The persons that has kidnapped Smarta told us that we need to solve some puzzles to unlock all the locks. We need to work together! We only have two weeks! Let´s do it!


We received these pictures

thumb_img_3659_1024 thumb_img_3664_1024 thumb_img_3666_1024 thumb_img_3671_1024

We must free Smarta!

Oh no!

Smarta has been kidnapped! Someone took her!


Smarta in Oberlinschule Potsdam

At the beginning oft he school year in September Smarta was at the Oberlinschule in Potsdam (Germany). There are so many beautiful places inside and outside the school that Smarta could not decide what is her favorite one.

img_3538 img_3606 img_3584 img_3581 img_3578 img_3572 img_3569 img_3562 img_3559 img_3544 img_3537

Time to travel again


Smarta has her new bagpack and medal. She is leaving Sweden! But she will be back to visit the students at Birgittaskolan sometimes this year. Next stop on her trip around the world is Germany.

Smarta enjoys the Swedish country side


A beautiful summer evening in Sweden. We are feeding the horses and taking them for a ride.

Jumping on trampolines


Smarta is visiting a place called Yoump. She loves the trampolines. Be careful Smarta!


A flag in her hat


In Sweden Smarta gets a Swedish flag in her hat and a medal around her neck  on the medal you can read the text “Smartee the global project”.

She loves the candy “Polkagrisar”.

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